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A social-psychology scholar with a literature background, a social commentator, and a writer(creative, with a bias for humour) Passionate about writing and in this blog I attempt to come up with painstaking analysis, commentary, critique and thought provoking articles of which some are likely to become recognized as classics in their own right. Most of the articles are on popular but illusive themes and other aspects of society, others explore the most important contemporary ideas and of course burning issues of the day in the relationships of men and women for educational purposes, social well-being and higher knowledge…or just food for thought. I decided not to take a business-as-usual- approach to keep you the reader pensive but please don’t mistake my being assertive, my free-thinking ,as I keep it real and speak my mind for being a sexist or a chauvinist or better yet immoral am just keeping this dear society in check. Welcome to my world.

UNMASKING COLUMNISTS (Here’s what you din’t know about them)

This could be the last blog from me, sobs! I’m taking a sabbatical. How I will miss writing. Unlike other professions where individuals, upon age catching up with them, start masquerading as consultants, in writing there is no room for … Continue reading

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Africans have a habit of not just looking down upon themselves but their own, their social standing notwithstanding. For instance, respected African leaders have, in the past, done crazy things that left many tongues wagging. The most recent incidents include, … Continue reading

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While walking down the street-in Nairobi, the other day, I saw my chemistry teacher-Mr. Matikho a.k.a man-k (the man who single-highhandedly ruined my chances of getting into any serious profession in this country by giving me-and I believe a host … Continue reading

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You notice you are in Bulimbo- that village where my beautiful mother got married, when your car(if at all those unroadworthy third hand jalopies qualify to be christened such) gets stuck in mad and in the process breaks down and … Continue reading

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You notice you kids have grown up once they stop asking silly questions like where they came from or when they don’t just stop but refuse telling you where they are going but bother asking you for fare! Some sociologist, … Continue reading

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I don’t know about you but I have always had fond memories about my school life. Look, like I have always said, many boys have ‘passed through my hands’ (sic). There is this particular boy who, if my memory serves … Continue reading

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I bet you also dint know that last week had a fathers’ day hidden somewhere. No fun-fare, no media frenzy no nothing! Sobs! Folks, this was a scandal! There is always a lot of brouhaha and enthusiasm months before Mothers’ … Continue reading

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